Cheapest Place to Buy k Cups in 2020

Wake up, coffee Lovers and smell the coffee news! If you’ve ever been sorry about the cost of your morning cup of Joe this one is for you.  We give you the different ways to find the Cheapest Place to Buy k Cups

Its pretty common to see coffee addicts out there moaning day long that the coffee just isn’t as good as a pour-over or their french press or an old-fashioned brewed pot, but who has enough time for that? And why would I make a complete pot of coffee when all I would like is often a single cup? Seriously, a good cup of dark roast coffee with a bit of cream and sugar strikes the spot regardless of how it’s brewed.

But man! can k-cups get expensive really fast. We end up paying for just the convenience, that has some logic but still, it’s not golden drops it just coffee! Why is that so complicated?

Heres the Deal:

There are plenty of ways to cut the cost down so your budget doesn’t have to be affected every time you want a cup of coffee

Where to buy k cups cheap?

Stock up during sales.

Any time that you find a great deal on k-cup — like this one for 72 Donut Shop Original K-Cups for $28 from Staples — buy multiples.

The small plastic k-cups maintain the coffee sealed, providing them with a long shelf-life. If they are mesh-bottomed pods, you are able to store them inside a resealable bag in the freezer or fridge, as well.

Pay attention to price per k-cup.

We normally value any deal that cost about 50¢ per k-cup or less to be excellent, and we have seen them drop as low as 33¢ for each k-cup, even for top quality manufacturers like Dunkin Donuts.

Our top pick k-cups are a store-brand French Roast which costs $5 to get a pack of 12 mesh-bottomed coffee pods and breaks down to 41¢ per k-cup, or a few cents cheaper than that when you buy the 36-count pack instead.

Buy k-cups in bulk.

To be honest, when you’re single, buying more usually means paying less per serving in the long run. K-cups are no exception. Most price tags and online vendors will state the price per k-cup right on the shelf tag. Pay attention to that price, don’t hesitate to go up a size, and pay with a grocery-friendly credit card that gives rewards or cashback.

Leverage Subscribe and Save for discounts.

For this 80-count box of San Francisco Bay Fog Chaser Coffee, using Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program will knock five percent off your order. Order and subscribe to five boxes and that discount goes up to fifteen off.

The catch towards the mesh-bottomed coffee pods that San Francisco Bay Coffee utilizes is that they will go stale once you have opened the package except if you keep them inside an air-tight container, however, when the maths computes to less than 31¢ per k-cup, it’s hard to argue.

Register your Keurig online

If you have not still registered your Keurig, take some time to do it now. As soon as you sign up, you are going to obtain access to a deal from Keurig for 50 % off up to five boxes. (You will find the serial number on the base of the coffee maker.) Choose the 5 biggest boxes you are able to. It is just a one-shot discount, nevertheless, you should make the most of it!

Give a try to reusable filters

K-cups are generally more expensive than the bags or cans of coffee that we grow up with, and maybe you already notice that k-cups aren’t exactly the most eco-friendly product around.

The answer to the two challenges is to get a reusable k-cup filter such as this Ekobrew(at the moment $8.83 at Amazon) and after that utilize the bagged or canned coffee of your choice.

You just only need to be careful to get the right grind. A too coarse grind will brew weak coffee. Too fine will clog the filter, preventing it from draining into your cup.

Know where to look for deals

Some of the best k-cup deals come from stores that you probably never even think about it. You may already know to look at Bon-Ton and Kohl’s, but have you thought about Best Buy or Staples? And depending on the month you can find good deals also at Tanga!

Use discounted gift cards.

Just when you assumed you could not squeeze any further of a discount out of that killer k-cup deal.

We came up with this:

Among the list of favorite places to have discounted k-cups is Bon-Ton, and CardCash offers discounted Bon-Ton gift certificates for as much as 16 % off – which successfully provides you with a 16 % discount in addition to your previously discounted k-cups.