Best Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe in 2020

Getting the best coffee maker with a thermal carafe isn’t such an easy task. To make it easier to choose which carafe is best for your needs we’re having a closer inspection at the glass and thermal carafes. Listed below are some different factors to think about when selecting the carafe that is ideal for your coffee needs!

Understanding the difference between glass and thermal carafes

Visible Coffee Brewing

The very first variable to think about is that the visual of coffee brewing is essential for your experience. For the majority of drip coffee makers, including BUNN home brewers, glass carafes are standard. Glass carafes are made of clear glass which lets you very easily see fresh coffee streaming into your carafe and exactly how much coffee you’ve got remaining in the pot.

Additionally, the open-top on a glass carafe enables the aromatic’s in coffee to fill a room. The outcome is a coffee experience that includes visuals and rich, coffee aroma. Thermal carafes, however, are built from solid, vacuum protected stainless-steel using a closed lid.

The closed lid on a thermal carafe helps slow the evaporation process which helps keep coffee at the ideal serving temperature for a longer period of time. This moves into our second variable to consider of how quickly you drink coffee.

How quickly you drink coffee

Another essential variable to think about when choosing from a glass or thermal carafe is just how quickly you typically drink a pot of coffee. Why? Coffee really should be enjoyed when flavor and aroma are in their peak.

For ideal coffee flavor and maximum freshness, the ideal holding time for coffee is approximately 20 minutes in an open top, glass carafe, and approximately 60 minutes in a closed lid, thermal carafe.

If you drink a few cups of coffee in the morning and then are out the door, a glass carafe may be perfect for you. Others enjoy sipping a pot of coffee for an extended period of time and prefer the thermal carafe.


To maintain coffee within the ideal holding temperature right after brewing, it is recommended pre-heat a thermal carafe mainly because it avoids coffee from losing temperature whenever it gets into the carafe. To pre-heat a thermal carafe just fill up the carafe with hot water for around Half a minute, and after that empty before brewing.

Glass carafes require no preheating as a warmer plate is used as a direct heat source on the carafe to keep coffee at the ideal holding temperature.

Thermal coffee makers keep coffee hot and fresh

Thermal coffee makers have become a standard in the product line for companies more closely related to budget brewers. A thermal coffee maker performs just like a conventional drip coffee maker. Having said that, rather than brewing into a glass carafe that rests on a heated element to maintain the coffee hot, it brews the coffee right into a specially built thermal carafe.

Coffee gurus say this keeps the original flavor of your coffee, keeping it from further cooking and having a “burned” taste. The thermal pot maintains the coffee hot for 2 hours or even more, the same amount of time as a classical glass carafe set up. On top of that, you are able to grab the carafe with you to the table or outdoors — it doesn’t need to stay with the coffee maker to stay warm

Clean Up

The cleaning of glass and thermal carafes takes a different approach. BUNN Glass carafes may be placed at the top rack of your dishwasher. Thermal carafes aren’t dishwasher safe and need a manual cleaning process.

As you have seen, glass and thermal carafes both provide their very own benefits. When choosing the right carafe think about your coffee needs!